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Professional loser from Michigan. Unproductive Computer/Linux enthusiast.

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Try out a couple of crummy games I made for school projects.

Lenic's Awakening

A basic platformer I made in Game Maker Studio 1.4. Guide Lenic, the game's copyright respecting protagonist, on a journey through 4 floors of the perilous dungeon to find treasure so he can pay off his student debts. Can you find the secret level?


lenic screenshot 1 lenic screenshot 2

The World's Easiest Game

A marginally less basic top-down action game, also made in Game Maker Studio 1.4. The player must navigate through a series of mazes to find the key and escape, all while escaping from progressively more complex and difficult enemies and hazards. Test your skills!

(Fun fact: There's a bug in the game that makes it so you don't actually need the key to go through the door to finish a stage. This makes it so you can basically skip the last level. Whoops.)


easiest game screenshot 1 easiest game screenshot 2


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