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Professional loser from Michigan. Unproductive Computer/Linux enthusiast.

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Try out a couple of crummy games I made for school projects. Both work great under WINE!

Lenic's Awakening

A basic platformer I made in Game Maker Studio 1.4. Guide Lenic, the game's copyright respecting protagonist, on a journey through 4 floors of the perilous dungeon to find treasure so he can pay off his student debts. Can you find the secret level?


lenic screenshot 1 lenic screenshot 2

The World's Easiest Game

A marginally less basic top-down action game, also made in Game Maker Studio 1.4. The player must navigate through a series of mazes to find the key and escape, all while escaping from progressively more complex and difficult enemies and hazards. Test your skills!

(Fun fact: I never actually programmed the doors to stop you, so you can actually beat every level without needing the key. This means you can basically skip the last level, since the door is at the start and you're supposed to go through the level and come back to get it. Whoops.)


easiest game screenshot 1 easiest game screenshot 2

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