Why Windows sucks now

Genuinely considering removing this page. If you're reading this, you probably want to know why Linux is worth using, not why Windows is bad.


To establish the point that this page is trying to make, a little background knowledge is needed.

In the early 90's, Microsoft

Windows became popular because it was the most convenient and intuitive graphical way to run applications available for PCs at the time, and because it had the largest selection of programs that people wanted or needed to run. Windows became successful due to its position as a platform, but because it became so ubiquitous, it was difficult to control the distribution of, and therefore make money off of. Microsoft eventually gave up and turned Windows into a funnel to push people into the subscription based services that actually do make them money. (Office, Onedrive, Game Pass, ect.)

In Microsoft's eyes, they no longer have to do any work to keep the actual user of the operating system on their platform. They assume that because users are tied to all their applications and too entrenched to learn anything else, they can start to get a little more aggressive with pushing them to their services. Whenever there's backlash to anything, they might dial it back a little, just for now.

The user of the operating system is no longer the party that Microsoft needs to focus on appealing to. They are simply a resource that Microsoft can squeeze if it feels it needs to in order to direct resources towards its actual cash cows. Microsoft doesn't need a QA team. Microsoft can simply utilize the user, one of the resources it has, to test the software for its actual customers in the business space. Microsoft doesn't want the user to customize their UI, otherwise it might affect their ability to show them ads. Microsoft doesn't care that most users don't care about whatever new technology that they're trying to change Windows to cater to if they can at least get some users to adopt their services. Microsoft doesn't care that most users don't want everything they do on their computer to be saved and fed to some AI taking up a computer's resources, if anything, it's more data they can collect to sell off.

Simply put, if you have a strong dislike for this stuff and have no desire to take part in their ecosystem, you are no longer the target audience for Windows. It doesn't mean that you're wrong or dumb for using it, but it does mean that Microsoft doesn't care about keeping you on their platform.